Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunset Margarita

Sunset Margarita

It was Wednesday afternoon; I had been to Bandra for shopping with my friends. After shopping, we decided to go to “5 Spice”, a restaurant in Bandra.  The ambiance of the place was quite soothing and nice but a little noisy atmosphere sometimes. The seats were quite uncomfortable; they should come up with nice seating arrangements.

So finally after a lot of discussion, we ordered ‘Flat Malaysian noodles’ and ‘Dragon chilly paneer’ for the main course and for the drink we ordered “Sunset Margarita.” Don’t go by the name sunset, it is nowhere related to sunset (Hahahaha). First we thought that it would be a normal moctail, but the moment it arrived it was way different than what we expected it to be. You usually get a straw to drink moctails, but this was different we got a spoon instead of a straw. It was made up of crushed ice with a unique combination of mango, peach and a dash of lime. It was served in a salt rimmed glass with a cherry o the top. It was a desert come drink. It was something that I had never seen or tasted before. The taste was too good, I loved it. The food was very spicy so the combination of the food and Sunset Margarita was quite well. “Sunset Margarita” is one of the finest drinks I have ever had. Other drinks included lemon mojito, juicy bird, watermelon booster and many more. Next time you visit 5 Spice “Sunset Margarita” is worth trying, it’s amazing (“Heaven on Earth”). The prices of all moctails are Rs250 and main course Rs300-400 per dish (veg).

I have been to 5 Spice (Bandra) many times. The only problem I think they lack is the ‘hygiene.’ The plates were not washed properly, but the food is worth having. However over the years the quality of food has been on a downhill. The only thing that remained consistent is the quantity. A portion of rice/noodles is easily sufficient for 3 people. Most of the gravies tend to be similar in taste and very oily. 5 Spice is slowly losing its charm and is turning out to be more like a Chinese food stall whose focus is more on quantity and not the quality of food. Day by day the quality is getting decreased but the quantity remains the same. The highlight of 5 Spice is the large proportion of every dish. The menu is extensive and a good place for not so expensive Chinese food. Good place to catch up with your friends. I would definitely come back and try other dishes from the huge list of items they have and will highly recommend it to all.

One tip: If you are hungry and less in pocket, go 5 Spice.

·         Food – 4/5
·         Ambience – 3/5
·         Service – 3/5
·         Seating arrangement – 2/5
·         Customer friendly – 2/5
·     Hygiene – 2/5
·         Price – 3/5
·         Quantity of food – 4/5
·         Quality of food – 2/5

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