Sunday, 2 March 2014

Interview with a taxi driver…..
I was waiting outside college looking for a taxi to get back home in Chembur. After a minute or so a taxi stopped, I got into the cab. He was thin, dark with a little moustache and a decent looking man. He looked like he was in his late 20’s. Then I thought why not interview him and get to know more about his life and how and why did he come to Mumbai. When I first approached to ask him that can I interview him, he became very conscious. After thinking for a minute he said ‘yes’. I decided to keep on writing whatever he says, but then I thought that it would be better if I don’t as he would become even more conscious and not give proper answers. Finally I started interviewing him with some basic questions…..

Where are you from?
I am from a village close to Bihar.

Why did u come to Bombay and since how many years are you into this profession?
I had come here to make my career in acting like Amitabh Bachan. I tried a lot to get into acting but none of them gave me a chance. Finally in the year 20005 I decided that there’s no point roaming the whole day and struggling and getting nothing out of it and decided to drive taxi to earn my living in a city like Mumbai. One has to earn, to live in a city like Mumbai. I am in Bombay since 1993 and I am into this profession since 2005. I had come to Mumbai with big dreams and aspirations and wanted my family also to come here after I was settled, but I guess nothing like that is going to happen in future.

How much do you earn and why didn’t you go back to your village after your dream of becoming an actor crashed (did not work out)?
I earn a maximum of Rs11, 000 per month out of which I have to send 5,000 to my family in Bihar and I end up spending Rs4, 000. I save only 3,000 and sometimes not even a 1,000. The reason I didn’t go back to my village is that there is no employment opportunity and if there is any the salary is pretty low.

What are your future plans, do you want to continue driving taxi?
Right now I have not planned anything for future. I believe in luck, if God has written something for me I’ll surely get that. I don’t plan anything, I believe in Karma. I’ll wait for a 3-4 years, till then if I don’t get a decent job I might go back to my village where I have a farm which is running quite well.

Are your married? If no will you marry a girl from Mumbai or from Bihar?
Blushing…… I am not yet married and plan not to marry for next 2-3 years at least as first I want to get settle in my life with a good job after which I’ll think about marriage. If I find a nice girl over here and that too from my community then I might as well marry a girl from Mumbai or else Bihar where my parents will find one for me.

Do you stay alone in Mumbai or with family?
No ma’am my family stays in Bihar. Over here I stay with my 3 friends, they are also into the same profession as I am (driving taxi).

Don’t you miss your family and who all are in your family?
I miss them a lot. I want to run away from this place, but can’t as I am earning for their healthy living. My family includes my mom, dad and a 15 year old sister.

Do you listen to radio? If yes then which radio station and song you like the most.
Yes, I love listening to radio as that’s the only thing that we can listen to and enjoy during our driving hours. I like to listen to all Bollywood updates about which actor is doing what movie and gossips about their break-ups and link-ups. I have also participated in different radio contests but haven’t won any…. Smiles.  All songs from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge are my favourite.

I got to know a lot about his life and his journey from Bihar to Mumbai. By the time I was done with many questions, my building had come. While I was getting out of the cab he asked me, Are u a journalist and will you put my interview in the paper? I smiled and answered no, it is for my college project….. but the day I become I would surely put this up. I thanked him and left. He was very kind and cooperative.

Obituary for my grandmother!

Obituary for my grandmother!

It has been seven years since she’s gone but still her essence is alive in my family. She’s gone but her memory will live on. She was my favourite - My grandmother. Her name was Krishna Khithani. My grandmother meant a lot to me. She was born on 18th February 1927 in Pakistan, got married at the age of 18. Due to partition ,my grandmother with her first son and husband had to shift to India. She passed in the year 2007. She was 80 when she passed away. My grandmother and I were very close to each other. I loved to sit with her and read or listen to her stories. I learned a lot of useful things from her, but most importantly the value of hard work. My grandmother had struggled a lot in her life. She was picture of strength and very brave women. She loved to spend time with friends and family. My grandmother deeply cared for her family and friends. She used to talk to each and every person she met. Losing my grandmother has been very painful for my family and me. I miss my grandmother a lot and the way she used to get angry at small things. Her memory will continue to live on forever in my heart.