Thursday, 16 January 2014

Dhoom 3 - movie review

             Dhoom 3 or Doom 3???
Movie review -                                 
Dhoom…. We enter the theatre to watch an amazing movie and what do we end up with – Not Dhoom but ‘Doom’! This movie doesn’t even match the Dhoom standards. Villain’s entry is in a Dhoom way, but the way the hero enters is very funny to watch and will make you laugh. Movie is just bearable because of its stunts, bikes and of course Aamir khan. The story is average but the stunts are amazingly shot and done. If we compare the previous two series of Dhoom, this is nothing in front of them. For me Aamir was the star in the movie and about the rest I would rather choose not to comment.

The story revolves around two boys – Sahir and Samar, who want to take revenge on their father’s death in Chicago. Sahir is brave, bold and intelligent, while Samar is innocent and just a shadow of Sahir and his father. According to Sahir and his father, Samar is a farista that God has sent and is just a shadow of Sahir. The two in order to destroy the person who is responsible for the death of their father, rob banks. At each robbery, Sahir leaves a message in Hindi and a clown mask, which leads the Chicago Police to bring in Jai and Ali. Finally the movie reaches the “show time”, where the Chor-Police game of Dhoom finally begins along with the first show of The Great Indian Circus.  As usual, though they solve the puzzle, with all circus stunts in bikes and all, they end up not catching the robbers. 

About the movie actors –
The role was not suiting Aamir, but I would definitely applaud him for the way he’s acted in the film with sheer perfection.

Katrina looks dazzling in the film though she is not to be seen much in the film except in 3 songs and three to four dialogues. Katrina was used in the movie as glamour prop. 

On the other hand Abhishek and Uday were average. Their chemistry is much similar to previous movie. All the dialogues said by them, try too hard to make the audience laugh. As usual Uday (Ali) is trying to stalk every single firang girl including the firang cop, which is boring now.

All in all Dhoom 3 was an average film, the story dragged in the second half. There isn’t enough joy in it, but Aamir with his amazing acting and stunts make it worth watching.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Reliance Retail, Big Bazaar woo kirana stores

Reliance Retail, Big Bazaar woo kirana stores

India’s top organized retailers including Future group and Reliance Retail are roping in local kirana-walas to expand operations and widen product reach, but small traders remain sceptical of their moves.

While Mukesh Ambani- led Reliance Retail has quietly speeded up expansion of its wholesale cash and carry stores, Kishore Biyani- promoted Future Group is running its Big Bazaar Direct Programme, under which a small grocery shop owner can become a franchisee for the big retailer.

Industry analysts say big organized retail stores may not be successful everywhere, especially in small catchment areas, and therefore, pushing products, especially higher margin private brands, through other channels such as local trade helps growth.
Small traders, however, are not too optimistic on being co-opted by the big boys.

 “Organized retailers are in the business for making profits and are least bothered of the small traders. They use predatory pricing tactics to ultimately wipe-off the smaller guys. Even their wholesale stores are nothing but retail in disguise, since they are giving membership to anyone, when it was only meant to be for traders, ”said Praveen Khandelwal, secretary-general, Confederation of All India Traders.

Reliance Retail, which opened its first wholesale store in 2011, has opened around 12 more such stores in the last 10 months, and the pace of expansion is expected to continue, according to a source close to the company.

Reliance Retail has 1 million partners signed up for its wholesale store business, and the company is organizing member meetings, especially involving small shop owners to understand their needs. Besides it is also converting some of its retail hypermarkets into wholesale stores.

Future Group has also roped in grocery shop owners to become franchisees for its “KB’s Fair Price” neighborhood stores.

“Big Bazaar Direct will help the company reach customers deeper into India, which may not be necessarily possible by expanding a physical supermarket,” said Vivek Biyani, director, Future Group.

-Article taken from HINDUSTAN TIMES, Friday, January 10, 2014. Page 12.